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DattamshLab is our Creative unconventional Training Solution for AI, ML and Data Science. Its a unique blend of Concepts, Technologies and Activities in a unique learning environment.

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DattamshLab is structured to provide a tactile mode of learning, to inculcate research mindset amongst the peers. The lab is focused on  promoting a non regimental, exploratory and experiential self learning  ambience to churn out self made AI experts.

Coding &

Take a first step towards learning to code and derive insights from data


Project Roadmap &
ML Essentials

Conceptual understanding of Machine Learning and the roadmap to apply the concepts on a project


Full Stack Project Development

Ingrain and implement Full Stack Machine Learning Project Development


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Latest technologies with relevant datasets trained in a very convenient learning environment at subsidized fees is our USP. Do enroll for the course of your choice and experience it for yourself.

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In case you want to learn Data science & Machine Learning, then Dattamsh is one of the finest places for it. Mrs. Chetana Sarang makes the teaching environment friendly and the concepts are made very easy to be grasped.

Mike Camp Google

Dattamsh is one of the best offline learning platforms for Data Science & Machine learning. I have done my Internship of Engineering here, it gave me a lot of knowledge about the gap between the institution and industry in the perspective of the Data Science Field..

John Camp Apple

Dattamsh is the best place to study Data Science and Machine Learning. Machine Learning was completely a new concept for me. I thank Chetana Ma’am for making them so easy and interesting.

John Camp Apple
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